Thinking about attending a party at The Next Level or new to the lifestyle and not sure what to expect? We will try and answer your questions.

How do I get an invitation to The Next Level parties?

There are several ways to receive an invitation. You can sign up here on this site by clicking on the Parties link. You can sign up on one of the lifestyle sites listed at the end of this article.

What happens after I sign up?

You will be contacted by the owners of TNL. If someone that has met you in person knows the owners a referral is most helpful but not required. If you do not have a referral the owners will go through a short introduction process with you. Since this is our home and not a club we want to know a bit about who we are inviting. This assures you and all our guest that everyone that attends are aware and comfortable with the lifestyle atmosphere and social settings. Information such as your length of time in the lifestyle, clubs, events or other parties attended and other pertinent information will be asked. The owners most likely will want to speak with you by phone during this introduction. Be prepared to provide a face picture before an invitation is extended.

Single males are welcome at The Next Level. If you are a single male attending for the first time and do not have a referral the owners may want to have a casual meeting in person with you prior to extending an invitation. We screen single males closely to assure our other guest that any who attend are who they say they are, truly interested in the lifestyle and know proper conduct at a lifestyle event. We also strive to maintain a ratio of single males to the number of couples attending that enjoy their company. This allows everyone ample opportunity to enjoy their visit with us to the fullest.

This "getting aquainted" process is why you will always find respectful and exciting people at The Next Level.

Suggested donations are volunteered to help cover your share of party expenses including, food, soft drinks, utilities, etc. and are specifically not for any sexual activity that you may observe or engage in while attending The Next Level.

After an invitation has been extended the owners will give you directions to the property and a day or so prior to the party instructions on access.

We reserve the right to deny an invitation to anyone without cause or reason.

Parties always have a theme. Am I required to participate and dress according to theme?

Although dressing and participating in the parties themes is encouraged and can be a lot of fun, it is never a requirement.

Does The Next Level have a dress code?

Unless you are dressing a party theme that is otherwise we make the following suggestions:

Most people dress as though they are going to an upscale nightclub or dance club. If you have attended TNL before ladies may tend to dress a bit more revealing or risque. Regardless you are welcome to wear whatever you are comfortable in with a few exceptions.

Guys: Button down shirts, polo style shirts with slacks or dress jeans or dress shorts is acceptable. Please refrain from tee shirts, cutoff jeans, oversized clothing, work boots or flip-flops. Dress hats are acceptable however caps and floppy hats are discouraged.

Ladies: Anything from semi-formal, casual or party dresses is acceptable. Club wear, lingerie, fetish wear and leather are encouraged.

As the party progresses throughout the night the dress code normally becomes more relaxed.

I have never been to a lifestyle party. What happens when I arrive and what can I expect?

Upon arrival you will be greeted in the foyer by a host or hostess and checked in to the party. If it is your first visit be prepared to show identification. You must be 21 years of age to attend.

Open lockers are provided in the main hallway for you to store you belongings during the party. We recommend you not keep valuables such as jewelry here. If your beverages are in an ice chest a designated area is provided on the patio for those. Other alcohol may be kept behind the bar. A host or hostess will provide you with a tour of the house and patio. This is the time to ask questions about where supplies are stored, any rules that you are unclear of or other infomation that you need. It is also a good opportunity to for introductions to other guest. If at any time during your visit you need assistance or have questions do not hesitate to ask. Everyone at The Next Level wants you to have an exciting and enjoyable visit.

If you are new to the lifestyle or have never attended a lifestyle party most likely you have questions about what to expect and may be a bit nervous about the experience. We will try to answer some of those questions and provide some common tips for lifestyle parties.

The first and most important rule of any lifestyle event is “no means no”. Violating this rule will automatically get you removed from pretty much any lifestyle event and the same holds true for TNL.

Another universal rule of the lifestyle is respect for others feelings and comfort levels. The best approach is to always politely ask before touching or joining in. On the same token, a polite “no thank you” is the best response if you aren’t interested. You will find socializing, conversation and personality goes a long way to further adventures in the lifestyle.

In the rare event you do have an issue with another guest during your visit to TNL, as tempting as it may be; do not attempt to “handle” the situation yourself. Notify one of the host, owners or one of the regulars of your situation and they will take care of it from there. Should such issue escalate to verbal or physical altercation it will most likely get all parties involved permanently barred from TNL parties.

Question: I signed up for and received an invitation to party at The Next Level but something came up and I can't attend. What do I do?

As soon as you realize that you are unable to attend please notify the owners. In order to keep our parties fun and exciting without overcrowding we do have a limited number of guest. We also prepare food and arrangements for the number of guest invited. Please let us know as far in advance that you will not be attending. We realize that from time to time emergencies arise and advance notification is not possible. However, frequent or repeated "no-show" after signing up for a party can get you removed from the group and no further invitations extended.